Payment & Shipping

Payment methods

We offer the most used online payment options such as iDeal for the Netherlands, Bancontact for Belgium and Sofort for most other European countries and much more!

Pay with iDeal

Paying with iDEAL is the fastest and easiest way to pay in our webshop. iDEAL is a payment method developed by various Dutch banks to facilitate the payment of online products and services. iDEAL is available to anyone who has internet banking. You pay for the order in your own familiar environment of your own bank, after payment we can send your order immediately.


Worldwide, more than 150 million account holders have already joined PayPal, making it a widely accepted and reliable payment method. How does PayPal work? Your own PayPal internet account is linked to, for example, your credit card or your own bank account. Payments via PayPal are automatically collected from your credit card or bank account by this agency. So you never leave credit card or bank details with a webshop. A PayPal payment is processed almost immediately so that we can process and ship your order immediately!



With Mister Cash, Belgian customers can make online purchases using their bank card. The advantage of this payment method compared to a transfer is that the amount is immediately with us. When choosing to pay by bank transfer, it can take a few working days before we have received the amount on our account, so it takes longer before we can ship your order.


If you have a MasterCard, we also offer the option to make your payment with it. With MasterCard you can pay worldwide. In addition to payments, MasterCard also offers additional protection options. Ask MasterCard about the options.


Especially for our customers from Germany we also offer the option to pay with giropay. For Germans, Giropay is what iDEAL is to us. Giropay is the most well-known and trusted payment method for online shopping for Germans.



We ship our packages with transport company DPD. We have discussed the prices for sending the packages as a team. We use a fixed rate, regardless of which country you live, of 13 euros. The reason for this is because we have looked at our ECO-friendly packaging materials, the way in which we send the packages and how the package ultimately arrives at you.The fillings we use come from a recycling company. So you can use the fillings again and again!

When will you recieve your package?

We do our best to ship your package within 3 to 5 working days! This depends on the country where you live.